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Welcome to my Cyber Place. My name is Pascha, most people call me Posh.  I mostly blog about whatever I fancy but I am a huge planner, fashion + beauty junkie. Sometimes an occasional post on wellness and snippets of my life.  Newly single, navigating the newness of being a single mom, dating and self employed entrepreneur in the greater Atlanta area.

Quality over quantity is my mantra and I live by it. I have a strong personality and high standards.  Highly opinionated and often confused with being controlling but honestly I don’t care what you do–I am too busy being me. I’m allergic to the concept of “thrift shopping” and I despise counterfeit designer goods. Save and buy the real thing. xo




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      1. HEY!!!!
        It’s Neka…. Checking out your fashion blog.. Looking forward to some great reads!! I too despise counterfeit goods.. However, I LOVE consignment shops and I’ve tried to dabble with thrifting, just not really my cup of tea( preferably vanilla chai)..
        I’m here for the ride!

  1. Your caption. I have to follow this blog to learn more. BTW I agreed 100% the past few days of shopping I got so annoyed with seeing fake bags and cheap watches.

  2. So pretty! I’m not as fashionista as you and I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I do thrift shopping but I don’t buy fake ones or imitations. haha.

  3. I echo your sentiments about thrift shopping and buying things at outlet stores. I simply do not get it. It makes no sense, even to a spend thrift like me.

  4. Posh,
    This is Cherry. My daughter, who live in the Atlanta is interested in attending your planner get together. Would you please share the info with me about when and where? Also I’d like to know if there are any qualifications you have to have to attend. She is also a business owner. I would love to come to but I just had her three dUghters for 10 days and I’m still tired. Have a good day.

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