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New Makeup Storage


After eyeballing these storage cubes on Instagram for what seems like forever, I finally went ahead and ordered one.  Receiving an Amazon Gift Card helped soften the blow a bit, too.  I read many reviews from many different brand and I just knew I could find one for under $200.  I refused to spend a lot of money on this.  My patience paid off, this Beautify Extra Large Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Cube was on Amazon on sale for $79. So. I threw my cares to the wind and bought it.

It came in a box, shrink wrapped, with styrofoam all around it, wrapped in bubble wrap, in another box.  They definitely cared that I got it in perfect shape. Much appreciated.  When I finally got that unpacked…it’s HUGE y’all.  H U G E.  One hinged top and 5 generous drawers. I was so excited; I set it up in my bathroom on my bookshelf.  Then I got overwhelmed…true…I fell asleep looking at how others stuffed–I mean organized theirs.  I tried mimicking some that I saw but I wasn’t happy.  I hated my lipsticks in there and I realized I have to make it work for me and my needs.  Then…I was able to organize. I purged too; tossed what I haven’t used or missed. Total Konmari, Marie Kondo would be proud.acrylic makeup cube, makeup storage, makeup vanity

Here she is…I left the top empty.  I am virgoing. Virgo likes to plan ahead and I plan to save it for some reason (unknown by me right now).  Second drawer: clean and brand new brushes. Third drawer: single pot and quad eyeshadows. Fourth drawer: Nude eyeshadow palettes. Fifth drawer: Fun eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners. Sixth drawer: bronzers, blushes, powders, primers, concealers and mascara.  I absolutely love this thing.  How do you organize your makeup?


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Want one? You’re welcome. xo, Pascha


8 thoughts on “New Makeup Storage”

  1. I have the two you have on the left and unfortunately that’s all I have room for. But I love this and how you organized it!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! You can sees everything right there. I spy some Too Faced shadow tins. Very nice. I have a makeup drawer but like this because it is more user friendly.

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