Preparing For A Shift

Pascha Shepard

You ever feel like there’s a shift coming? I feel pregnant with expectation.  Something is coming. This year has been happy even with some low moments; I am looking at them as lessons.  When I journal I try to identify the take away(s).  Why go through it with no growth?  I’ve had so many twists and turns; I have gained people I didn’t expect to gain and I have lost someone I never thought I would lose. All for a reason and a season. I do believe in God and I do believe that God is the master planner. You ever hear the joke that we plan and God laughs? I believe there is some truth to that.

Learning about myself has been difficult sometimes. Some things I want to change and some things I just refuse to change. I’ve learned that how others feel about me is not my business and I am focused more on minding my business.  I would really like to take a break from all these “life lessons” but God has other plans for me. In the grand scheme, I feel that this is all for a greater purpose and will make me a better person in the end. I have found my voice and right or wrong, I own it…it’s mine.

Joyce Meyers

In order to prepare for this shift, I have been (1) quieter.  Yes, I am still active on social medial but on a personal level, I am less chatty about my personal affairs.   (2) Journaling, (3) mind mapping have really helped me “see” what I am thinking and sometimes missing.  Lastly, I am more (4) prayerful.   My 3/3/3 prayers have helped keep me calm.  My anxiety is much better and I am identifying what is troubling me emotionally with more ease. With one eye open I am ready for what is next.  Thanks for reading and allowing me to share.

xo, Pascha

Planner Love: Gillio Amica

Last week I received this dark brown, medium, Gillio Amica.  Absolutely gorgeous and the leather smells so good. If you have any questions, please email me or drop them below.  With school starting soon, I had to rethink how i am using my planner–I gotta get more organized.  Back to school means more work for me as a mom.  First thing I did last Saturday morning was empty her…

Gillio Firenze, Gillio Amica, planner, organization

…made a new dashboard (cut down and laminated a handmade card from Painted Grace Designs; she has an Etsy shop but I had the pleasure of meeting her when some friends and I came upon a street market in Marietta), organized my sections (personal, yearly, monthly, financial and lists), filled out my goals and calendars for August and when I was done I felt so relaxed and accomplished.  Sometimes keeping everything in my head stresses me out because I typically forget something.

Gillio, Gillio Firenze, Gillio Amica, planner, organization

LOVE how she turned out.  Feel free to check Periscope for the set up and I do plan to upload a set up video to my Youtube channel, which I will share here.  To learn more about the GIllio Firenze company, go here.  Want to see more of my planner life?  Check me out on Instagram: @poshplans. xo, Pascha



Review: GlamGlow Youth Mud


GlamGlow, Mud Mask

So, um…yeah I tried it and I am not going to buy the full size.  My skin did not tingle ::no magic:: as it promises and I kept thinking of earth worms (if you have followed me long enough, you know this to be true).  It is like legit mud, y’all; branches and thangs.  It is not a bad cleanser but all the pieces of bark got in my way.  The first time I tried it I was feeling cute and it was new but I can’t be bothered with all this nature on my face.  The mask is okay.

Have you tried?  I need to know your thoughts, please let me know.

xo, Posh

Life Post: Quick Update

Beautiful people!  Life has been busy and I just haven’t felt inspired to blog–straight up.  My blog has always been a genuine space and I would rather it be quiet than I force myself to post some thrown together piece.  Well…here I am, hoping to get back into the swing of things.  Before my absence I was going hard with the blogging and it became work and I was chasing the dollar but that is not why I blog– I blog to share and inspire and enable—er, influence, LOL.  If you follow my Instagram, I  instablog daily; I love IG.  If you aren’t already following me there…you should: @theposhblog annnnnnd I started a separate Instagram for all my planner posts here: @poshplans.  In the coming weeks (okay maybe months) I plan to add a planner page here also.  Running the two accounts have been fun and I am excited to share and meet and interact with everyone. Oh and Periscope…follow me there for live videos on happy mail, life scopes, and beauty talk: Periscope: The Posh Blog.

On a personal note, I have learned a lot the first half of 2016.  I have loved, lost, laughed and cried.  I was bold and put myself out there–I am working hard to not be hardened.  In the end…I am whole.  I learned that sometimes it is family that isn’t rooting for you, that I was dating cubs and I need a lion, that I am ready to love again (in spite of the risk and I am dating again) and I am still working on myself.  The pain was short lived, it certainly seemed longer at the time, but I did the heart work, lost myself in mommy life and my job and took a vacation.  I am back and feel great!  Thank you for following me on all my social media platforms, for the private messages, the likes and loves and all the amazing support!  I leave you with a photo from my most recent trip to the beach (my happy place) to visit my best friend, my first sister who I love dearly.  I am centered and happy, hope you are also. xx, Posh




MAC Halsey

I’m late I know but I’ve been busy. Playing in some makeup I’ve purchased and not yet tried. Here is MAC Halsey. No clue where I’d wear it but I’ll put it in the winter stash. I lined it with Vino and blennnnnnded. I think I like it.

Kylie Lip Kit: Candy K

Kylie Lip Kit, Candy K, the posh blog, beauty blogger 
Hi Beauties! It has been forever since I’ve been here. Micro blogging on Instagram has allowed me to slack but today I wanted to share my thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit in the shade Candy K. Okay, honestly…when it first launched I had no interest, the Kardashian/Jenner somebody is everywhere and on that particular day I was over it. Because I’m moody, the next day I decided I should try it (being the lip junkie that I am) and could.not.get.any. “Sold out.” That’s what I get, right?
Fast forward and my great friend Njeri said she wanted to send me one. Say what?? THANKS, Njeri. XX

Here’s my skinny: I love the soft fresh scent, it’s hella matte (use a good moisturizer) but it’s not drying which is important to note. It goes on even and wears well. I need more…so now I hunt. I blended with MAC’s Chestnut to add some neutral to the pinkish shade. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. 

xo, Posh

My Happy Accidental Purchase

My Happy Accidental Purchase Sooooo, I did not set out to buy this item but I’m glad I did. The LE Sharon Osbourne collaboration with MAC’s Refresh Minieralized Skinfinish is one of my faves. I didn’t think initially it would work with my skin tone but it’s a winner. Just a kiss of shimmer. 



Thank You! Giveaway


THANK YOU all so much for your love and support on both @theposhblog and @poshplans on Instagram!  Reaching 6k and 3k followers felt great and it has been a great ride.  To say thank you, I am giving away some of my favorite planner faves; a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner, a notebook for listing and a pack of these awesome pencils with quotes. Just cuteness!

How to enter? 

  1. Must be a follower…duh
  2. Find the image above on one of my IG profiles and double tap
  3. Repost image on your IG feed using #poshplansthankyou
  4. One entry per person
  5. Winner will be chosen randomly
  6. NO giveaway or private accounts will be entered…yes…I will check and remove your entry

Giveaway ends midnight, February 12, 2016.

This giveaway not associated in any way with brands or Instagram.  Must be 18 years or older.

Natural Eye Combo: ColourPop

Color Pop, makeup, beauty blogger

This week I have been loving these 2 shades from ColourPop. Their formula took some getting used to (soft and sponge-like) but it works great.  I have been using my fingers to apply; tried a brush but not my preference with this formula to apply. Each shadow cost $5 (you’re welcome). Have you had a chance to try the ColourPop brand yet?  Check them out here:

ColourPop, beauty, makeup

the posh blog, ColourPop, makeup


Happy New Makeup!

  Hi beauties!

So I heard that what you do in the new year you do throughout the year so I made sure I bought some makeup and stuffs 💁🏽; even if I had to go into Sephora to do it. 

I’m most excited to try this Laura Mercier Brightening Powder to set my under eye concealer; anyone try it? Let’s see how it measures up next to my Ben Nye Banana Powder. And I broke down and used 100 of my points to try the Clinique gloss. Haven’t like any of the point perks in months. 

Happy New Year!

xo, Pascha

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