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August Favorites

August was a no-buy month for me but I was lucky to have happy mail from friends and shopped my stash.  Some new, some old that I reunited with and I legit grabbed for these things almost daily (except the red liquid lipstick; I received that toward the end of August but I love this lippie).  Deets below and as always ask any questions in the comments.


HA!  At the very top is my wrap cap; I wrap it around my hair in the morning after I have burned it into submission with my flat iron to keep it neat until I leave out for the day.

Next is my travel knots with striped beads.  Blacks and white striped beads. I heart Nikki and her shop. Shop it here.

Custom stickers of myself!  Duh…I absolutely adore and the creator is one of my best planner friends.  Want your own?  Shop here.

Diptyque‘s Nourishing Lip Balm. Worth every single penny.  It has a pleasant slight rose scent.  Normally I am funny about scents but this one is so faint and pleasing.

A great nude lipstick from Glo Girl Cosmetics in the shade Camel Toe.  I know…the name leaves a lot to be desired but it is what it is.  LOL. It is matte without drying my lips.  Big win.  I picked it up at the Atlanta Beauty Show a few months ago.

Diptyque sent samples with my order of course and I am not normally a floral scents gal, but I love Olène (Wisteria, Narcissus, Jasmine and Honeysuckle.)

The Lip Bar‘s liquid lipstick in Bawse Lady. Another great gift from my girlfriend Njeri. I am a blessed beauty junkie!

Maybelline’s Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner.  Love, love the curvy applicator tip. CVS.

I walked with this set of fine point gel pens from MAMBI since I received them from my planner friend, Akilah.  They are great. I need another set to hoard. Seen at Hobby Lobby.

If you’ve read this far (thank you for hanging in there) you think this is just a ruler, right?  Wrong.  It’s my ruler.  Every time I borrowed one in the house the owner would remind me that it wasn’t mine (kids!) BUT, now I have my own. It’s the little things. Walmart.

MAC‘s Transparent Finishing Powder.  Game changer for me when setting my underage concealer.  And how pretty is this LE Chris Chang packaging?  Adore.

Lastly…my beautiful, black kodiak traveler’s notebook handmade by Terri Bradley over at Speckled Fawns. It holds my multiple daily notebooks and I just love it.

Comments, questions?  Leave a comment.  xo, Pascha


The Pasch Life: My favorite chore

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Ahhhh, my favorite chore is washing laundry. Who is surprised?  There is something therapeutic about putting the clothes in dirty and wah-la it’s clean and fresh.  Love, love to do laundry.  Here are my favorite laundry items:

Blue Soap: This is a holy grail item.  My mom is Jamaican and she always used it to scrub her nursing uniforms (bright white), collars on cotton shirts and tough stains.  As an adult I like to have it available for when I have to treat a stain, etc. on my children’s laundry.  Whenever we go to Jamaica or if my mom is there, I ask her to bring some back for me.  It is awesomeness in a bar.

Suavitel: Smells so good I could drink it.  I love this stuff and it is cheap.  The whole house smells great because of it.  My 2nd runner up is Snuggle.

Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda:  I bought this powdered soap after pursuing Marshall’s one day.  I freaking love it.  I will be hunting online for more now that I am at the halfway mark.  A little scoop (included) goes a long way and WOW it cleans great.  Tide used to be my all time fave but this lasts soooooo long.  I have been using it since June!   $12.99.  I have to find more of it.

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My Favorite {MAC} Lipsticks

@missynadm on Instagram asks what are my favorite MAC lipsticks. It was hard to choose a handful.What are yours?

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Deeply Adored, Cyber, Viva Glam Rihanna, Ronnie Red, Touch, Heaux and Boy


My September Favorites (aka MUST HAVES)

My best red lipsticks.

Ohhhhh, I love red lipstick! The spectrum of options are endless. Finding the perfect red takes time but the fun is in the trial process. Here are my (current) best and favorite red lippies. They are pictured below from left to right in order of preference. All of them last long and are heavily pigmented.


Hourglass Cosmetics – Icon: My ACE. Moisturizing and bright with a blue undertone. I wear this one 90% of the time.

Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection – Deeply Adored: Matte, rich blood red.

Archie’s Girls MAC Collection  – Ronnie Red: Matte, bright red.  This lipstick is über bright and I love it best for nighttime!

MAC – Diva: Matte, dark red. I wear it more in winter.

Riri Hearts MAC Collection – Riri Woo: My least favorite but still in my top picks.  It is a bright tomato red matte lipstick.  It dries my lips.  I have to use a very good balm as a base, not  a big deal but still a take away from my red lip experience.

MAC  – Beet and Cherry are my favorite lip liners.  I use these the most out of all my red lip  liners.  Beet is a deep red and Cherry is a bright, well…cherry red.

Mirabella  – Red Velvet:  this lip pencil goes on like lipstick.  Sometimes I just grab the pencil, no rhyme or reason. I received this from one of my beauty subscription boxes…I think My Brown Box.

Bombshell – Hot Mess:  the only red lipgloss to make my favorite picks.  A beautiful glossy bright red alone.  I typically wear it alone.  I received this from My Glam Bag; a beauty subscription service I no longer subscribe to.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me wear all of these.  I also post swatches of every new lip product.  However, if you’d like me to repost, just ask below in the comments.

What’s your favorite red lippies?

xox, Pascha