June Favorites

I made it y’all!  My June Favorites are prepared timely. Normally by the time I remember to do my monthly favorites it’s the middle of the month. Not for June, I’m within my self-imposed 5 day threshold, lol.  So…if you follow me on IG (@theposhblog and now @poshplans), you are well aware of my paper planner obsession and you may or may not start to see some of that spillover here. Please let me know in the comments if you’re a plannerd also.  Enjoy peeking at my faves and please share your thoughts with me in the comments section.

Pledge, washi ring, The Reset Girl, planner, Chanel, phone case, Urban Decay, makeup, beauty, Sephora, Porsche Design, time machine, computer, anchor, stamp, personalization


Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner (Lavender scent) has been an obsession of mine for years; I use it on everything.

si.do creative on Easy makes my personalized planner inserts and I love her clean lines and fast turnaround.  She’s professional and sweet.

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss (Liar)has been a staple, in my bag even on a colored lip day.  It’s  great nude and I love the formula of these glosses.

Washi Ring: purchased from The Reset Girl (dot com), I use it to house my favorite washi tapes.

Chanel inspired phone case for my iPhone 6 was a gift from Ashley (@coco____mcqueen); it has a bumper (a must for me) and I love love the clear  perfume bottle design and removable strap.  How cute?!

I wanted a small anchor in my home to remind me of Hebrews 6:19; picked this up at Michael’s

Personalized name stamp from Kellie Stamps.  Every once in a while she offers them and I was happy to get one for myself earlier this year.  I love personalizing everything I can.

After a minor scare at Apple, I now faithfully backup my laptop on this sleek but heavy duty time machine by Porsche Design.  A must have.

What were some of your favorites from June?  Any of these one of your fave?  Until next time, xo, Pascha




Goal Setting

Goal Setting

At one point I used to weekly write my goals.  Somehow…I got off track and I feel like something is missing.  There is truly power in good routines and I miss writing my goals. When I started writing goals (some years ago), I thought of it as a wish list and my goals used to be broad, immeasurable and unclear.  With much research (via articles and online guidance) I learned that writing goals is very much a process to be well thought out with attainable and measurable parameters.  Much more work than I thought.  As I sat down this morning with myself for some much needed, long overdue quiet time to re-center myself and calm my anxiety, I realized I needed to “brush up” on the rules/tips/tricks (whatever you want to call it) for great goal setting and decided to share with you.  I really love how Gene Donohue walks me through his 7 points to goal setting; below is my summary with some direct quotes of his steps found on topachievement.com (a self improvement and personal development community).

I believe goals should be private. I believe that if I share a goal with someone and they have any negative energy, it will effect my goal negatively.  Keep your goals to yourself.

  1. Make sure the goal is something you really want.  Not what someone else wants for you and not something that you think sounds good.  “Goals must be consistent with your values.”
  2. One goal can not contradict any of your other goals. “You can’t buy a $750,000 house if your income goal is only $50,000 per year.”  Eliminate contradictory ideas from our thinking.
  3. Set goals in the 6 areas of life to create balance and avoid contradictory ideas:
    1. family + home
    2. financial + career
    3. spiritual + ethical
    4. physical + health
    5. social + cultural
    6. mental + educational
  4. Think positively to create instructions for our subconscious mind to carry out.  Eliminate any negative thoughts and think positively.
  5. Be complete in details.  “Instead of writing ‘a new home,’ write ‘a 4,000 square foot contemporary with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths and a view of the mountain on 20 acres land.'” I keep this reminder on a post-it.  We are giving our subconscious mind a map into what we want…why not be detailed?
  6. Make sure your goal is high enough. “Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll still be in the stars.”
  7. Write down each goal.  This sets the process in motion. As life happens, review and revise your goals accordingly.

Aren’t these great?  As I go through my days and plan weekly, I will keep my goals in mind. In the past this helped keep me focused and I am excited to return to the practice of weekly goal setting (same day and time every week to create a good habit).

I created and keep this in the Private section of my planner.  Once I write my goals, I move it to the next blank page.  It is a constant reminder.

I created and keep this in the Goals section of my planner. Once I write my goals, I move it to the next blank page to serve as a reminder.

Please share your tip(s) and/or thoughts. xx

New Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lipgloss

Urban Decay, Revolution Lipgloss, Sephora, beauty, makeup

Beauties! Have you seen the 14 new gorgeous lipglosses from Urban Decay.? “A high coverage, ultra pigmented lipgloss” is how the brand describes their new line of lipglosses and they deliver.

I was in Sephora and had to swatch them all. Packaged in a clear 0.7 ounce tube and priced at $22. Worth it. Finally I used my gift card from Mother’s Day (best kids ever) and picked up Bittersweet; I don’t have a purple gloss this shade and it stood out to me. I also want Liar but can’t justify another nude lipgloss; when I swatched Liar,  I expected it to dupe the Naked Liar gloss but that was not the case. Just so pretty! Have you seen or purchased any of these yet?

Urban Decay, Revolution Lipgloss, Sephora, beauty, makeup


Urban Decay, Revolution Lipgloss, Sephora, beauty, makeup



Discovering Avalon

Hi y’all!

This summer the kids and I made a Summer Bucket List and we marked off one of our places to go this weekend.  Maximizing my time with them is my goal even more so as Madisyn leaves for college in the fall.  While she won’t be farm she will be living on campus and I am going to miss my baby girl ::insert ugly cry face::  We had a great, lazy Saturday afternoon exploring Avalon.

Avalon is an amazing shopping space located in Alpharetta, GA.  It is such a gorgeous, well thought out development.  So fancy and you know how much I love F A N C Y.  The concierge is professionally dressed (not polo– a suit) and I  love, love, love the outdoor fireplace.  The candy shop has my favorite candy (Bonz) and Free People (fab clothes and accessories) , The Cosmetic Market for my beauty obsession and even The Paper Source for my planner obsession.  So many great stores, restaurants and a movie theatre, I could go on and on but here is the link for more information: Experience Avalon.

I created a small collage of our time there and my favorite picks.  Don’t mind the boy, he was hangry–nothing a double cheese burger couldn’t cure and Taylor wanted no parts of the photos.  We spent the whole afternoon/early evening browsing and people watching and was treated lunch at Bocado Burger (yummy). Thursdays they have yoga in the park and we are already planning to go back next Sunday.  Just a great friendly, family, shopaholic space!


Avalon, Experience Avalon, lifestyle blogger

Until next time,



Givenchy Les Mini Prismes Review

Happy Friyay!  This review is long overdue.  I could’ve scrapped it but I wanted to share how I use it and swatches. Please keep scrolling for pics and a brief rundown of Pros and Cons. As always please leave me a comment with any questions and or…comments!  xo, Pascha

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes, beauty, Givenchy, beauty blogger, Sephora

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes, beauty, Givenchy, beauty blogger, Sephora

Pros: I love the compact size and sleek black packaging.  Brushes and a mirror are also included.  The powders wear well and hold all day with good pigmentation.

Cons and Tip:  If you’re a “brown girl” the face and blush powders are not.for.us but no worries…I use the whole thing as eyeshadows.  The face powders double as eyeshadow base or brow highlighters.  The blush? More eyeshadow.

$39 at Sephora.  This would definitely make a great gift.

Givenchy Les Mini Prismes, beauty, Givenchy, beauty blogger, SephoraGivenchy Les Mini Prismes, beauty, Givenchy, beauty blogger, Sephora

Manicure Monday

Wasn’t feeling color today. Inspired by @curly_girllove (IG) to follow my heart. Oldie but still a goodie, I love this polish by @missibarry (IG) and the name: Love Her? I don’t even lacquer! So punny.

What color are you starting your week with? 

MAC New Matte Collection

Hi Beauties!MAC’s new Matte Collection launched this morning. I had Stone on my Wish List and I’m happy to report that I only bought Stone. It’s so unique. It better look good on me. LOL. Did you buy any?

They will be available online through Macy’s and Nordstrom on 6/8 and MAC in-store on 6/11. I believe they’re permanent.

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes: Review


Sonia Kashuk brush set, Target, beauty, beauty blogger, makeup So excited to have received this Happy Mail package from a dear follower on Instagram.  My local Target was out of these brushes and she sent me a set.  They are so pretty and the colors are happy.Sonia Kashuk brush set, Target, beauty, beauty blogger, makeup


Sonia Kashuk brush set, Target, beauty, beauty blogger, makeup Sonia Kashuk brush set, Target, beauty, beauty blogger, makeup

What is it?

Limited Edition Art of Makeup ABC 6-piece brush set from Sonia Kashuk.

2 of each; 1 for face and one for eyes: A (Accentuate), B (Blend) and C (Countour).


Beautiful colors with gold accent. So pretty! Reasonably priced.


When washing the brushes, there was bleeding, most noticeable on the green brushes.  No bueno.  I washed and rinsed until it appeared to rinse clear water.  I used them anyway for about a week and there were no issues with my skin. THEN…the face brushes would leave brush hairs on my face…


Overrall, they are just okay.  I don’t see why there is such a hype over the Sonia Kashuk brushes, this is my second set and they are just.okay but I did limit this review to just this set.  For me to buy another Sonia Kashuk set, it will have to be beautiful to look at, not for their value and performance.  On the low end, I suggest Eco Tools brushes you can find at drug stores and on the high end I love Sephora’s Pro brushes.

Please share with me your thoughts on my review and what are your favorite makeup brushes?

Lucky Magazine May 2015 Comments

Lucky Magazine, blogger

Beautiful Joan Smalls :thumbs up:

Hi Luvvies!  I am sick in bed catching up on the internets and magazine reading.  this is just my rambling on a few pages I deem noteworthy of the May 2015 issue of lucky Magazine.  All commentary captioned on the photo. BTW, is it just me or are the issues smaller?  Commentary welcome, let’s chat! xx

Lucky Magazine, unfashion, trending

Not sporty nor sophisticated in my opinion…

Lucky Magazine, Narciso Rodriguez, perfume

SO yummy I could drink it!

Great investment, love mine.

Great investment, love mine.

Lucky Magazine, Giuliana Rancic

Meh on her but I can’t be mad at wine…